PowerFit Elite
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Power Fit Elite
The feel of a full-body workout in minutes with vibrations 
60 Day Money Back Guarantee | As Seen on TV

PowerFit Elite FAQs

Where can my order be shipped?
Orders can be shipped to the continental United States (US 48).

How often does it need to be used?

The recommended routine is 10 minutes a day, 3 times each week - total 30 minutes per week. Review the instruction manual and workout guide for more options.

Are there programs available for beginners?
Yes, there are programs for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users.

What is the length of the power cord?
The power cord length is 70 inches (1.8m).

What length are the resistance bands?
Model ETF012C bands are 80CM , ETF012C-Smart bands are 70CM, and model PFE-1912-S bands are 90cm. Replacement bands are 90cm.

Can I use the PowerFit Elite while pregnant?
It is not recommended to be used during pregnancy.

Can I use PowerFit Elite after a recent surgery?
If you have any known health concerns or recently had surgery, It is recommended that you consult your doctor or physician first before using the unit.

Is PowerFit Elite similar to a treadmill?
No, it is not. Vibration is a gentle workout that is easy on the joints. Unlike the treadmill, you don't do any walking. You simply stand and/or perform simple exercises on a movable, vibrating platform. This causes your muscles to contract while using your own body weight.

How long are the resistance bands?
- Model ETF012C: bands measure 31.5 inches (80cm)
- Model ETF012C-Smart: bands measure 27.5 inches (70cm)
- Model PFE-1912-S: bands measure 35.5 inches (90cm)
- Replacement bands measure 35.5 inches (90cm)

What kind of fuse does PowerFit Elite use?
The correct fuse type is 250V, 3.15A, model F3.15AL.

I chose the 30-Day Trial Offer. When will I be billed?
You will be billed 30 days after the date of shipment. The 30-day trial period begins when your item is shipped.

Can the remote control affect my TV?
Yes, the PowerFit Elite remote control may cause channels to change on your TV or stereo. Take care not to point the remote at your TV cable control box or stereo.

PowerFit Percussion Massager FAQs

What can I use the PowerFit Percussion Massager for?
The PowerFit Percussion Massager is a cordless, handheld massage gun. It uses percussive therapy action to help support circulation, loosen tighten muscles, release knots, reduce stress and tension, soothe tightness, and ease temporary muscle aches and discomfort. The PowerFit Percussion Massager can also help muscles recover faster, improve range of motion, and support flexibility.

What is percussive massage therapy?
Percussive massage therapy is a type of massage that provides rapid bursts of pressure into the muscle tissue to hyper-target a specific problem area.

What are the benefits of percussive massage therapy?
Percussive massage therapy helps reduce muscle soreness and tension, increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and break up knots.

Who can benefit from percussive therapy?
Nearly anyone can benefit from percussive massage therapy. From world-class athletes to people who sit at a desk all day, percussive massage therapy can help relieve muscle tension.

Does the PowerFit Percussion Massager run on batteries or electrical power?
The PowerFit Percussion Massager is a battery-operated, chargeable massage gun. The battery is USB rechargeable.

How do I charge the PowerFit Percussion Massager?
The Power Impact Wand comes with a USB battery charging cable.

How long should I use the PowerFit Percussion Massager?
We do not recommend using the Power Impact Wand for more than one minute at a time in a single spot.

The PowerFit Percussion Massager is not comfortable when used against the bone. What can I do?
Do not use the PowerFit Percussion Massager directly on the bone.

Are there any other places where I should not use the PowerFit Percussion Massager?
Do not use the PowerFit Percussion Massager on your head or upper neck

The PowerFit Percussion Massager hurts when I use it. What should I do?
If the massage gun causes you to experience discomfort, either reduce the setting or stop using the massage gun.

Can the Power fit Percussion Massager be used if taking blood thinners?
Consult with your doctor to ensure that any exercise or massage regime is safe when taking blood-thinning medication. Blood thinners can make skin more susceptible to irritation.